SET 01

Communication skills are one of the essential skills you need to develop. Given below is a sample PPT that can help you in learning about communication skills. Use the PPT and tell us how you went about completing self-directed learning exercise.

Click here to learn about effective communications skills 

This resource set has two purposes in mind. 1. To be used as our own self-directed learning process. 2. To convert the same into lesson plans for helping the target groups to carry on their self-directed learning.

I have developed quite a few templates from these resources to pursue my self-directed learning. You too can do the same.

What is required is applications of your creative and critical thinking and persistence skills.

As we go forward you will get many such educational resources sets and modules to pursue your self-directed learning.

I have intentionally grouped the resources in sets of about fifty items.

This will help you not to get confused and develop the needed learning skills. all the best in your self-directed learning journey.


PS: In case you need any resources that is not listed here, we have provided a form below, which you can fill up and send it. We will try our best to provide you the same.