There are four major influencing factors for enhancing the child’s academic performance. They are friends, family, teachers, and school. We decided that by helping the community we will be able to widen our target segment. We will in the process be able to influence friends, family and teachers and in turn get more benefits.

This would involve additional work in the content development area. But that is worth it.

To support us in our efforts we are joining hands with various NGOs who will help us by creating the needed infrastructure and team of trainers. This will further help us in accelerating the community progress. 

Currently, we are focusing on the community segment consisting of families whose children are in grade 5th to grade 8th. We propose customizing content for every unique community that we will be servicing. We will focus only on content development and leave rest to our associates, who are better quipped since they know the local environment.


progressive talents team

This video details the workbook structure of one of the workbooks that we have developed