Our scholarship norms

Mission of Progressive Talents Inc. USA is to identify young talent, nurture the same and financially support it so that the child becomes responsible citizen of tomorrow and is ready to face the challenges of 21st Century.

We address four major skills; Creative Thinking, Critical reasoning, Communications and Team working.

To support the children financially we have evolved scholarship norms. We believe every step the child takes by participating in our activities develops his/ her skills; that is why every activity earns him scholarship points. Current norms are as under:

  1. Participating in PT Quest Competition 2012: 5 points
  2. Clearing Stage II of the competition: 3 points
  3. Clearing Stage III of the competition: 5 points
  4. Getting listed in the merit list of first 20 children in each group of the competition 2012: 10 points
  5. Completing PT Quest TDM module satisfactorily : 30 points

Once the child attains 50 points, he/ she becomes eligible for scholarships. He/ she applies for the same to Progressive Talents Education Foundation USA through us. The Foundation evaluates the application, decides if investing on the child would help him/ her progress further in life. The scholarship points earned by the child are permanent and are carried forward every year. Thus once a child attends one of our activities in his/ her life time, he has chances of getting scholarship from Progressive Talents Education Foundation USA. More the activities he/ she participates in, more he shines out in each of the activities, brighter are the chances of his/ her getting scholarship amount.

Progressive Talents Education Foundation wishes to ensure that its funds are distributed to the right talents. That is why we follow this elaborate procedure to select the scholarship recipients.


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