TDM General


We offer Talents Development Module-General for the children studying in standards 4 to 10. (Other than standard 3) in 2012-2013. This module also focuses on the four skills mentioned below and is designed to meet age appropriate age needs.

The details are:

  1. Communications
    • Reading:

Before, during and after reading activities, understand culturally diverse written texts, understanding literary elements, analyzing characters, understanding character traits, character motivation, aspects of conflicts in stories, point of view, relationships, changes in characters in a story, story plot and resolution, settings and their impacts, literary devices, reading strategies, using graphic organizers, ways of comparing two selections, effect of author’s perspective on the stories, applying critical thinking skills to understand culturally diverse texts, understanding deeper meanings in a text, differentiating between facts and opinions, ways that style, tone and mood affect the texts, inferences, generalizations, predictions, cause and effect,

  • Writing:

Skills to demonstrate a command of the conventions of spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, usage, and sentence structure Skills that help in revising and editing a written piece, skills relating to organizing the written passage, skills related to writing good sentences, before, during and after writing activities, Structure and Clarity, Style, Tone, Grammar, Functions, Cohesion, Using Plain English,

      • Grammar 

      The parts of grammar applied in real life situations through activity based exercises. The confusions that the grammatical errors can cause in conveying the ideas. Hands on grammar exercises to understand the salient features of grammar.

  •            Spoken:

Enhancing presentation skills, recitation skills, debates skills, addressing a large audience skills, diction, pronunciation skills etc.

  1. Creative Thinking:

We are basing our curriculum on the works of Dr. Robert Alan Black’s 32 Traits and twenty from Dr. E. Paul Torrance (based on his 50 years work from the TTCT = Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking). At each level we propose covering five of these traits and in ninth and tenth level we propose covering six of these traits.

  1. Critical Reasoning:
    1. Basics
    2. Parts of an argument
    3. Basic relations
    4. Analysis of arguments
    5. Fallacies and Non-Rational Persuasion
    6. Other Common Fallacies
  1. Bakers’ Dozen:  This will offer all the miscellaneous items that help a child to effectively progress in life (like brain work outs, inspirational articles, general knowledge topics, science, math, social studies aspects, civic, citizen responsibilities, character building. This module will focus on integrating the skills developed in other three modules plus the skills learnt during academic studies. It will play a critical role in enhancing child’s grade at academics.

We believe that constant motivation, and inspiring the child through rewards is very important when the child is self learning. That is why we have introduced the element of competition at every level. This module integrates the concept drawn from Bloom’s taxonomy, the concept of incremental learning and the concept of self-learning.


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