“Get Job Ready certification” course



Welcome to the certification course on getting job ready.

You have essential education qualifications to get the job.

In spite of the excellent academic performance, you fail at the interviews. Many have faced this dilemma. Why?

The reason is “the schools & colleges do not teach you certain things which are essential to become job ready. If you are job ready, no one can stop you from getting your dream job.

The certification course “Get Job Ready” fills in this gap. It will give you confidence and assurance to the potential employers that you are really ready for the job. We have researched and selected parameters that would help you in getting your dream job. Before you join the certification course, we are offering pre-level certification module that would help you get an idea about the content of the certification module.

Before taking the course you need to join Pre Level certification module. This will give you a taste of what you are going to learn by joining the certification module.

Pre Level Module overview:

This module addresses “How’s” & “Whys” of the following in thirteen lessons:

  • Brain functioning & learning
  • “I”, “T”, “E” & “X” shaped personality
  • Travelling from dependence to independence stage
  • Goal setting
  • fixed and growth mind sets,
  • types of learning modes,
  •  effective E-mail writing, and
  • understanding employers’ market
  • understanding labor market
  • understanding your value system

Here are answers to your FAQs:

  • Why do I need to learn about Brain functioning and learning?

Answer: In my career as recruiter, first thing I used to look at was the applicant’s attitude towards learning new things. Because, this skill is essential to succeed in the career. Knowledge about brain functioning helps in enhancing this skill. Learning new things is an essential skill needed to succeed in the career.

  • What makes the course unique?

Answer:  The course focuses on parameters that one should be well-versed for getting a dream job. These parameters are never taught at the school or college. That is why this course becomes unique and useful.

  • What is included in the course package?:

This module consists of about 12-15 parameters that are essential for you to know for getting a dream job. This knowledge will satisfy your employer that you ready for the job.. We believe an average learner should be in a position to acquaint with these concepts in one month duration. We adopt the blended learning methods like, traditional presentation of ideas in written form, visual and auditory learning techniques (videos and verbal teaching) in our deliveries. We expect the candidate to spend about 20 hours during the course tenure. To accommodate your flexible schedule, we have extended the course duration to sixty days.

Spaced repetition techniques are carefully integrated during delivery stage. We provide think sheets and practice sheets (again a unique feature of the course).

The entire course is self-spaced (we provide one additional month for the purpose). The assignments also are given after doing research on what should be given and when. Thus optimum quality standards are achieved.   There are assignments to be submitted at regular intervals and assessments are made.

  • What topics will be covered in the course?

Answer: Brief course content for the module are given in the course overview section.:

  • Are there any prerequisites for taking this course (e.g., prior experience, certifications, additional classes)?

Answer: There is no prerequisite for taking the course. We look forward to intense desire  in the participants.to learn, progress and succeed in their lives. If you believe you possess that, you are most welcome to join us.

  • Is any book or outside study material recommended or required for this course?

Answer: there are no additional books that need to be purchased. We provide references that are easily accessible on the internet.

  • What are the outcomes (key objectives and takeaways) of the course?


The course will help you succeed in your interviews and get your dream job. You will acquire skills that will help you succeed in your career.

  • Does the course prepare learners for any sort of certification or exam?

Answer: The US based company offers certificate of completion upon satisfactorily completing all the assignments.