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We service two market segments; one Age Group 7-15 and the second Age group 15 & above. PUM-KIDS-01 A & 01 B are for the Age group 7-15. Family As Teachers is for the Age group 15 & above.


PUM-kids01 is an interactive, hands on learning module aiming at improving the academic performance of the children in Indian school systems. It is a 12 month duration program involving inputs from Progressive Talents Inc. USA in participation with the parents, teachers and the friends of the participants. It focuses on enhancement of four essential soft skills (namely creative thinking, critical reasoning, communications and collaborative working). The research indicates this leads to child’s improved academic performance.

PUM-kids01-A is for children from grade 3-4-5, and PUM-kids01-B is for children in grades-6-7-8. For children from grade 5 joining in the middle of the academic year will be offered composite module covering partly PUM-kids01A & partly PUM-kids01-B.

Learning objective: To enhance the learning habits to help the participants improve their performance in life and academics. The module covers application of the four core soft skills to English, Math, Science, Geography & History (Environmental & Social sciences).

Special features: The program involves the concepts of hands on learning, incremental learning and self-learning. It has a total of 90-100 hours of teaching inputs.


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