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ResourcesMaking23 He is buried in London.What is on the tombstone of Benedict Arnold?

– There are no natives on these islands.Who owns the South Sandwich Islands?

– He died as a free man.How did Al Capone die?

– It was named after its inventor.What was the name of the first submarine to sink another ship?

– He was born in 1859.Billy the Kid’s real name was?

– It was inspired by Gustavo a 2000 pound crocodile.The horror film Primeval was based on what kind of creature?

– The cup was donated by Lord Stanley of Preston.What is the only major trophy to have the names of players and coaches engraved on it?

– It gained independence in 1960.Which country capital city is Ouagadougou?

– Which of these elements is a halogen?

– It translates to mean boat servant.In which sport would you find a coxswain?



Answer key:

Position your cursor over the symbol found beside each question for the answer.



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